Karearea Superkids

Karearea Superkids

Monday, 30 January 2017

Welcome to KAREAREA!

It was great to see so many happy and enthusiastic little kids arrive this morning. Lovely to meet some of you for the first time and catch up with others. A big welcome to Lenny Hicks, on his first day at Clyde School!
We had lots of fun our first day, and there were some tired campers at the end of it (including me!) 
The kids recreating dragons and unicorns using our imagination playground equipment! We hope you enjoy the pics! Click on the pics to enlarge the images.


  1. Hi guys. I love all your dragons and unicorns - they are awesome. Have a fab rest of the week and look after Mr Banks.
    See you soon
    Mrs Rose (Sandy)

  2. Hi Karearea, you have made some wonderful unicorns and dragons - We love your imagination. From Paul and Kirstin (Willy's Mum and Dad)

  3. What amazing play equipment you have. I'm sure you will all have lots of fun in Mr Banks class this year.
    from Meisha's Nana and Grandad (Timaru)

  4. Hi Karearea
    What a fun first day you had. I love how creative you have been with the playground equipment. I wonder what other creatures you would like to create?
    I'm looking forward to coming and visiting your class later in the term and hearing about what you have been learning.
    From Mrs Kitto

  5. Hi Karearea
    I wanted to say thank you to you all for making Lennys first week at Clyde School so awesome. Lenny is super stoked to be part of Karearea and so am I.
    Marcene ( Lennys Mum)

    1. Thank you Marcene. We love having Lenny in Karearea!

  6. Mr Banks I Love Your Class Room (Maz)

  7. It's awesome having you help us out with your IT skills Maz! :-)